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Andre, the TopDawg - 1999-2014

Andre, the TopDawg, 1999-2014

TopDawg’s everyday name was Andre (aka “Dre”)  He was a 15 1/2 year old terrier mix – commonly known as a “poi” dog in Hawaii.  TopDawg was born in Tampa, FL and spent his formative months living in a communal environment in a college “pet” dormitory.  This may have marked his youthful psyche as he lived with hard-partying young humans as well as cats, other dogs, birds, fish and maybe even a snake or two.  After 3 months of the hard party-ing lifestyle he could not get enough rest or a very good education, so he went to live with his young owner’s parents in Oklahoma.  There he completed his education and grew into full-blown adolescence under the tutelege of two large, frequently domineering, spayed, female cats.  They taught him the finer nuances of life, like washing your face with your paw after eating, making “kitty-biscuits” on your favorite stuffed animals and purring.  Having left the OK nest  (and the 2 cats), TopDawg moved to the Northwest Region in 2001 – specifically the Puget Sound area.  He matured into “His Dawgness” and decided travel was to be his destiny and his chosen career.  When Carlanne decided to open the travel agency, he opted in for the mascot position in exchange for food, a roof and certain notoriety.  He graced the logo of TopDawg Travel and made sure that if a dog goes a-traveling, he does so with grace, style and excellent doggie biscuits in his carry-on luggage.  TopDawg believed in equality for all animals.  He was a supporter of humane treatment and protection for all living things.  And if in the execution of his duties as mascot, he was able to make someone’s vacation more interesting and/or enjoyable, then that was a good reason to purr.  Sadly, Andre left this earth on May 22, 2014 at 11AM.  He left behind a legacy that will live on in our hearts.  “You left paw prints on my heart….Ma-ma misses you so very much!”

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